Propelling healthcare forward by identifying unmet clinical needs

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ElixiaXscientia is the first ever Data and Analytics tool engineered specifically for the clinical trials sector.

ElixiaXscientia incorporates a tech approach to identifying unmet clinical needs and improving the assessment of clinical trial data through the utilization of our deidentified patient database.

Streamlining the digital patient journey

Gain access to a deidentified patient database that generates real-time data analysis of global patient data.

Resulting in obtaining case-specific queries and reports that are specific to user needs.

The HIPAA-compliant database provides easy mobility to maximize efficiency while navigating through the case-specific queries and reports.
Access to a collection and storage of centralized data that is analyzed in real time.
Identifying the patient journey by having the capability to assimilate any characteristics to generate a user-specific report.

Using real-world data in conjunction with clinical trials and other commercial or research activities is important for making decisions.

Our data delivers comprehensive insights to:

  • Delineate and comprehend diverse patient demographics, particularly those suffering from rare illnesses
  • Enumerate and characterize patient attributes
  • Comprehend and outline patient treatment regimens and disease trajectories
  • Assess patient groups over time
  • Measure the impact of disease on patients

Client solutions

By utilizing a tech-enabled approach, procuring authentic real-world data, and implementing cutting-edge knowledge curation techniques, the entire process of initiating a study to utilizing its insights is made seamlessly effortless.
Enhance your decision-making with a full understanding of patient sub-populations, including those with rare diseases, by having the ability to quantify and highlight patient characteristics for a clear understanding of your target audience.
Leveraging our global access to claims and electronic health record data, we are able to rapidly and extensively deliver valuable insights on disease treatments


Instant access to user-specific reports that will assist in identifying unmet clinical needs, gaps in healthcare and areas of improvement within your organization.


Data tailored to client interests or needs that generates new information and uncovers relevant insights.


Real-world data collection in collaboration with real-time data analysis to create timely and accurate reports for clients.

A powerful system that uncovers physician treatment patterns

The first model in existence that allows for us to critique current standard of care protocols across the country and identify provider specific treatment patterns and patient outcomes based on number of critical points of interest.

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