In continuing our mission to improve the speed and efficiency of clinical trials, Elixia is pleased to announce the establishment of the Elixia Clinical Excellence Center (ECEC). The ECEC, which originally opened in June 2023 as the Elixia Health Phase I Unit, is expanding its scope to encompass rare hepatorenal disease studies, behavioral health and central nervous system studies, and sleep studies, as well as early-phase research.

Centrally located in Tampa, Fla., the ECEC is a state-of-the-art premier site providing 24/7 medical coverage for studies in an inpatient setting. Featuring 42 beds, the site provides in-house 24-hour medical coverage and offers highly comfortable accommodations for participants making overnight stays. Clients also gain access to Elixia’s vast and diverse de-identified patient database, powered by our partnerships with the largest health systems in the country.

The ECEC’s clinical trial capabilities include pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, bioavailability/bioequivalence, dose response, first time in human safety/tolerance, renal studies, IV infusion studies, and more. The site

is equipped with full pharmacy services, 12-lead ECG, refrigerated centrifuges, secure ultra-low temperature freezers, and backup generator electrical supply. Patient amenities include comfortable exam rooms, a recreation area, and private overnight rooms furnished with TVs and tablets with wifi access.

Hepatorenal Disease

The ECEC reflects Elixia’s in-depth expertise in the overlap of kidney, liver and heart disease. We are partnered with several of the largest nephrology networks in the United States, covering 1,500+ providers across 16 states, This is the largest cardio-renal clinical trials network in the US, giving clients unmatched trial expertise across four key geographical areas. We rank in the top 1% globally for clinical trial enrollment in cardio-renal studies, having conducted 350+ studies in cardiology and nephrology indications.

Behavioral health and CNS

Elixia has extensive behavioral health expertise combined with proprietary technology. Having partnered with the largest network of minority patients in the Northeast, we have the #1 highest representation of minorities in behavioral health across sites, globally. We have conducted 200+ studies conducted in this field. Elixia is also the #1 leader in global enrollment for five CNS pharmaceutical companies.

Sleep study

The ECEC offers in-patient evaluation, diagnosis and care for pediatric and adult patients, examining sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and more. The site’s 42 calming and comfortable study bedrooms give patients the amenities of a hotel. Our skilled sleep technologists provide a superior patient experience with adherence to American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines.

For more information on the Elixia Clinical Excellence Center, please contact us at (954) 900-1001 or