Elixia Health, a leading provider of clinical trials management, analysis and patient recruitment services, announces the opening of its Phase I Unit for clinical research, which began operations on June 1. The 40-bed inpatient private research site is located in Tampa, Fla., near a Level 1 trauma center hospital. The facility provides in-house 24-hour medical coverage and comfortable accommodations for study participants, including those making overnight stays.

Elixia Health’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Harry Alcorn, is serving as administrator of the Phase I Unit. With over 20 years of Phase I experience, Dr. Alcorn has been the principal investigator on more than 150 protocols and sub-investigator on more than 250 protocols. He designed and created the U.S. Renal Network, the first network of Phase I renal research sites in the country.

“Our new unit, equipped with cutting-edge facilities and a seasoned team, is precisely focused on the underserved areas of renal and hepatic patient trials,” said Dr. Alcorn. “Our entry into the Phase I market underlines Elixia’s intent to catalyze breakthroughs that may pave the way for new, FDA-approved medications.”

The Elixia Health Phase I Unit’s clinical trial capabilities include pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, bioavailability/bioequivalence, dose-response, first-time-in-human safety/tolerance, renal studies, IV infusion studies, and more. The site’s research areas cover a number of specialty populations (renal, hepatic, cardiovascular, diabetic, and gastrointestinal patients), as well as healthy males, females, and seniors.

The Phase I Unit is equipped with full pharmacy services, 12-lead ECG, refrigerated centrifuges, secure ultra-low temperature freezers, and backup generator electrical supply. Patient amenities include comfortable exam rooms, a recreation area, and private overnight rooms furnished with TVs and tablets with wifi access.

“This step is more than an expansion; it’s a clear message that Elixia is prepared to address and resolve the challenges of today’s clinical research needs,” added Jim Crissy, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “By combining our cutting-edge infrastructure with Dr. Harry Alcorn’s esteemed leadership, we aim to set new standards in Phase I clinical research.”