Elixia is proud to announce our involvement in two groundbreaking psilocybin trials targeting major depressive disorder (MDD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). These trials mark Elixia’s continued dedication to advancing mental health treatment through transformative research initiatives.

The first of the two trials focuses on MDD and is currently in the study start-up phase. Elixia is working with two separate sponsors (Usona Institute and Compass Pathways) on two distinct MDD psilocybin trials, both anticipated to commence in Q1. The second trial, centered on GAD, has seen Elixia collaborate with MindMed for their Phase II trial at Elixia’s Springfield location, with Dr. Susan Smiga overseeing the trial at MindMed’s Woodstock, VT location.

Elixia’s operational prowess is highlighted by our ability to efficiently administer doses to study subjects. We were able to dose three individuals within the span of just five business days at a single location, demonstrating our commitment to streamlined and effective clinical trial management.

“Elixia extends its transformative capabilities in psychedelic research across the East Coast, while staying dedicated to optimizing the patient experience,” says Matthew Collins, Director of Site Operations. “Our entire CNS team is genuinely thrilled to contribute to cutting-edge trials at the forefront of mental health treatment, embodying our commitment to pioneering advancements in holistic well-being.”

Elixia is also working with Reunion neuroscience on an upcoming Phase II psychedelic trial utilizing a novel synthetic psilocybin with patients suffering from postpartum depression. We will be one of approximately 20 sites in the US.

Our company has past experience in psychedelic trials for central nervous system (CNS) indications. Elixia previously collaborated with MindMed on a Phase II trial focused on severe anxiety, which became the largest well-controlled clinical trial of LSD ever conducted, enrolling a targeted 200 subjects.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to optimizing the patient experience while contributing to pioneering advancements in mental health treatment. Elixia’s expertise in clinical trials management positions us as a key player in the evolution of psychedelic research.