As a trailblazer in patient recruitment and clinical trials management, Elixia is making waves in the healthcare industry with our phenomenal growth over the past year. We have achieved new milestones that solidify our position as a leader in our specialized therapeutic areas of cardiology/nephrology, behavioral health, and infectious disease.

In just 12 months, Elixia has seen enrollment capacity triple and has doubled our network of clinical trial sites. The company now boasts a total of 21 strategically located sites. This exceptional growth is a testament to Elixia’s commitment to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes.

One of the most notable achievements for Elixia has been our recent expansion in nephrology studies. We have successfully secured partnerships with the largest nephrology sites in three key states: Michigan, Missouri and Florida. This highlights the company’s dedication to advancing renal research.

Elixia’s innovative approach to patient recruitment and clinical trials management has set us apart in the industry. We eliminate traditional trial bottlenecks with a singular combination of specialized clinical expertise and an agile operating model with reproducible processes to deliver startup and enrollment at uncommonly remarkable speed. Elixia holds the record for enrolling the most patients in the shortest amount of time for any global trial in the last 50 years. Our expansion in sites will allow us to continue that level of performance.

“We are thrilled to announce these remarkable achievements,” says Neal Patel, CEO of Elixia. “Our team’s dedication and hard work have allowed us to not only to double our network and triple our enrollment capacity, but also expand our potential to transform patient lives. We look forward to continuing Elixia’s mission of accelerating medical research with a positive impact worldwide.”